About TLC

The directors, Bonnie and Mike Zaleski, graduates of UCLA and UC Berkeley, are passionate about how tutoring can inspire students to achieve their best. Bonnie has taught Advanced Algebra at Marin Catholic High School and has facilitated students being tutored in science, math, SAT preparation and many other areas. Mike arranges appointments between students and tutors.  He is able to find the right tutor for your child. 

TLC is a unique tutoring referral center for students. Through one-on-one and small group tutorials, TLC offers students the academic support they need to improve their grades and self-esteem. 

Subjects that TLC can refer tutors for include Basic math skills, Pre-algebra, Algebra, Geometry, Advanced Algebra, Trig/Pre-Calc, Calculus, Statistics, Business Math, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Life Sciences, Writing, Grammar Skills, Reading Comprehension, and Test Preparation, including SAT 1 and 2 exams, ACT, AP Exams, Private High School entrance exams and more.

Tutoring is by appointment only. Let us know your unique schedule and we will see if we can find a tutor who can help you.


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